2024 – How to Draw a Birthday Cake?

With the arrival of the new year, we have prepared step by step Birthday Cake 2024 New Year drawing content.

2024 – How to Draw a Birthday Cake

In this fun drawing content we have prepared for children, you can easily draw a birthday cake and color it with your coloring pencils as a Coloring Game activity.

In the article, you can primarily access our step-by-step drawing video, 2024 – Birthday Cake and Online Coloring Page content.

Birthday Cake Drawing (Video)

Let’s draw this cute cake drawing together with the step-by-step drawing video we published on our Easy Easy Drawing youtube channel.

How to Draw?

  1. First, we draw a rectangular shape to create the cake plate.
  2. On the plate we drew; We create our cake mass according to the size of our paper.
  3. To draw the cake cream, draw a horizontal line in the shape of an S.
  4. Afterwards, we draw eyes for the Circles.
  5. Finally, write 2024 on the top of the cake.
  6. We color with our Red, Green, Yellow and Pink coloring pencils.

how to draw

Coloring Page

You can print the Birthday Coloring Page on A4 – Paper by either saving the image file below or by downloading the PDF file type under the drawing.

Coloring Page

Birthday – Coloring Page PDF
<<< CLICK to Download >>>

Online Painting

You can color this cute picture we have drawn from your Tablet or iPad phone.

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