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How to Draw a Cartoon Bat?

In Animal Picture Drawings, today we will make a cartoon-looking Bat Picture Drawing with you step by step. You can learn how to draw Cartoon Bat Picture by following our step-by-step bat drawing guide. Our Drawing Guide is fun and pretty easy, you can learn how to draw Cartoon Bat Picture in just 6 easy steps.

Drawing and Painting Supplies

In this educational content we have prepared for Children and Beginners in Drawing; You can choose Black Color Drawing Pen and Red, Light Blue Watercolor, Pastel or felt-tip pen for coloring. 🎨🎈

  • Charcoal for beginners (Pencil)
  • Black Color Drawing pen after completing the drawing
  • Eraser to correct wrong drawings
  • To Color the Coloring Page: You can choose Pastel Color €“ Watercolor..

Bat Drawing Step by Step

Thanks to our drawing guide, you can easily learn how to make the Bat Drawing that I have shared with you below. You can visit our CARTOON DRAWING page for all our other drawing tutorials in the Cartoon Drawings category.

bat drawing

Step 1: Starting Point

We start the bat drawing by drawing the head first. For this, we draw a large circle very simply.

bat bass part drawing

Step 2: Drawing the Bat Body

We create the body part of the bat drawing by making an oval drawing just below the head we have drawn. We made a similar drawing on the Snowman page before.

bat body drawing

Step 3: Bat face drawing

We draw the face of the bat inside the circle that we drew in the first step. First, we draw bat ears by drawing two small triangles on the circle. Then we complete this step by drawing the face.

bat cartoon drawing

Step 4: Wing drawing

We determine the main lines for the wing drawing on both sides of the body part.

step by step bat image drawing

Step 5: Wing Detail Drawing

The bat appearance began to form. In this drawing we complete the lower parts of the wing drawing. In our next step, we complete the drawing of the Bat Picture by completing the wing drawing.

bat how draw

Step 6: Bat Drawing

We complete the Bat drawing by drawing the wing drawing details. We complete the wing drawing by drawing lines from the folds of the wing tips.

easy bat drawing

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