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How to Draw a Bed for Kids in 6 Easy Steps!

At the end of the day, we need at least 8 hours of sleep for people to rest and sleep. In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a bed picture step by step. For this drawing, which girls especially like to draw, we made a heart picture on the headboard and a King Crown on the lower part of the bed for boys.

Bed drawing can have a place in the subconscious for future career choices for children. This can lead them to gain talent by drawing furniture and maybe become an Architect or Interior Designer in the future. Of course, this is a long process, not only with bed drawing, but do not forget to visit our EASY DRAWINGS page for our other drawings.

Bed Drawing

In this bed drawing example, we created a side view / perspective style drawing. In order to draw a bed in 6 easy steps, you can easily draw by following our content guide. Also, those who want to download the coloring page of this drawing 👉 You can easily access our COLORING PAGE category and download the drawing and color it with your coloring pencils.

bed drawing step by step

Step by Step Drawing Guide

  • First, let’s draw the mass of the bed. You can draw the head part steeper and larger.

yatak çizimi part 1

  • When drawing a quilt, you can draw using curved lines instead of straight lines.

yatak çizimi part 2

  • Make the pillow drawing on the headboard part.

yatak yastık çizimi part 3

  • To make the bed drawing look cute and sweet; make small round drawings on the quilt.

yatak yorgan çizimi part 5

  • Finally, we complete the Bed Drawing by drawing a heart on the headboard for girls and a king crown on the front of the bed for boys. 😊

adım adım yatak resmi çizimi

Coloring Page

In this drawing, we colored the bed with our Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue coloring pencils.

kolay yatak çizimi

You can download the Bed Coloring Page below and then color it with Coloring Pencils or Water Coloring.

yatak boyama sayfası

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