Bugs Bunny Face Drawing

Step by step Bugs Bunny Drawing video and Printable Bugs Bunny Coloring page.

Ah, Bugs Bunny – that charming, carrot-munching rascal who’s been making us laugh since 1940. If you’ve ever wanted to capture his mischievous grin and effortless cool in a drawing, you’re not alone. Bugs Bunny is not just a character; he’s a piece of animation history. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just a fan looking to doodle your favorite bunny, creating a Bugs Bunny drawing can be a delightful and rewarding experience.

How to Draw Bugs Bunny

When drawing Bugs Bunny, start with basic shapes. This approach helps in maintaining proportions and getting the overall structure right.

  • Head: Draw a large oval for the head.
  • Guidelines: Add a vertical and horizontal line through the center of the oval to help place the facial features.
  • Body: Draw a smaller oval or pear shape for the body, slightly overlapping the bottom of the head.

Bugs Bunny Coloring Page

You can create an effective coloring page for Preschool – Children by downloading the printable coloring page of the drawing in the video for free.

bugs bunny coloring page

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