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How To Draw Cartoon Cat? Step By Step

Cartoon Cat drawing; Have you always wanted to draw a cartoon cat, but are unsure of how to get started? That’s why we’re here! We’ve got some tips and tricks for how to make your perfect cartoon cat. how to draw a cartoon cat?

First, start by drawing an oval for the head shape, then add two smaller ovals for ears at the top of the head. Next, draw two intersecting lines across the face to help you figure out where to place the eyes. Then add two smaller circles inside those lines for the eyes themselves, and use curved lines to create eyelids and eyebrows. After that, draw another oval on each side of your cat’s face for its cheeks (add some shading if you want to make it look like there’s fur). Then add some whiskers coming out from those cheeks€”use short strokes as well as longer ones that curve downwards toward the bottom of your page so they look fluffy when you’re finished!

How to draw a cartoon cat (Video)

Click on the link below to see a video showing you how to draw a cartoon cat.

Cartoon Cat Drawing (Step by Step)

Cartoon Cat Drawing (step by step)
Cartoon Cat Drawing (step by step)

Draw a big circle for the cat’s head. This will become the outline shape for his face as well as his ears later on in this tutorial so make sure it is nice and large (bigger than you think he needs at first!). Step 2: Add two smaller circles inside at top left side of face where eyes should go; one oval-shaped nose just below those or below each eye depending on how many eyes will be drawn there).

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