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Step by Step CAT DRAWING and Coloring Page

Cat drawing is easier than you think. We will draw Cats in the first topic of our Easy Drawings page, our new content with drawing activities for children. All you need to do for Preschool drawing education is to take a paper and pencil with your child and make a drawing you like in this content together and turn it into an activity game.

You can try to draw a cat with our training video where we have prepared Cute Cat Picture drawing in all of our content. For Coloring Page activity you can download 5+ Cat Coloring page content for free and start with your coloring pencils by printing them on A4 paper.


Cat Drawing

You can draw Cartoon Cat Drawing by participating in the Cat Drawing Game that we have prepared for the ART and Line page of our Youtube channel. I leave you with our educational video, which is very fun to watch, and then you can reach the step-by-step drawing guide and Coloring Page of a different cat drawing. Let’s watch our video

Easy Cat Drawing

You can make Easy Cat Drawing, which I have prepared for those who want to draw cats in the simplest way and in just 5+ easy steps. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step cat drawing guide below and you can make easy cat drawing.

cat drawing step by step

Easy Cat Drawing step by step

  • First, create the head of the cat by drawing a circle.
  • Draw two cat ears symmetrically on the circle you have drawn.
  • Then draw the cat tail from the head to the right side.
  • Make cat paw drawings.
  • Then complete the Cat Drawing by drawing the Eye, Collar and Tail parts.

Cat Coloring Page

Printable cat coloring page. You can download 5 different cat coloring pages that I have prepared and start painting by printing them on A4 paper. First of all, after sharing the Cat Coloring Page in our Cat Drawing Training video, we will share 4 different cat coloring pages and move on to One Line Art Cat Drawing 🙂

Cat coloring page

Coloring pen colors we use for the cat coloring page are: Dark yellow, Light Black for the paw drawings, Red for the Cat collar and dark gray for the other parts.

One Line Art Cat Drawing

How about making a simple cat drawing with a single line? For those who are looking for a tattoo lately, you can draw a cat without lifting a pencil, which is known as One Line Art. Let’s watch our youtube video for One Line Art Cat Drawing. 😊

In this article, how to draw a Cat? I tried to explain step by step. You can find all of our similar content on the EASY DRAWINGS page.

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