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Cow Drawing – How to Draw Cow Step by Step?

We made a Cow Picture drawing with you before. In this Drawing tutorial, we will learn how to draw Easy Cow Picture for Kids.

Those who live in the village life like to draw pictures of animals such as Cow, Sheep, Chicken more. I wrote a Cow Caricature Drawing and we learned how to draw a cow picture, which is a bit difficult. In this Drawing Guide, we will draw a Cow Face that children can easily draw. But we will learn this by drawing in Caricature Drawing style. 😀

If your pencils for drawing and your Crayons, Watercolors or Colored Felt pens for coloring are ready, we will first draw the cow picture and then color it with our Coloring Pens. 😊

Cow Drawing

While drawing a Cow, we first create the cow’s facial features with a round circle drawing. Then we complete our Cute Cow Picture drawing by drawing Eyes, Nose, Horns and Ears. 🎈

Step 1: Draw the contours of the face

Outline the Cow’s face by drawing a large circle. While doing this, you can draw in the center of your paper so that it is centered.

step by step easy cow cartoon drawing 1

Step 2: Draw a Cow Eye

For this, draw a cow’s eye with two small circles at the top of the circle. To make the cartoon appearance more prominent; Create the effect of drawing the letter C inside the eye circle, as if your eye is looking somewhere.

cow cartoon eye

Step 3: Drawing the Mouth and Nose

Cows’ noses are larger than their eyes. Pay attention to this when drawing a Cow Caricature. Draw a half circle at the bottom of the circle. Finally, complete the nose drawing by making two round drawings. 😊

cow cartoon illustration nose

Step 4: Horn Drawing

Animals such as cows and goats have bone-hard horns. While drawing cow horns; You need to draw the upper part of the neck pointed. You can easily learn how to draw a horn by looking at the drawing example below. 😀

cow horn drawing

Step 5: Ear Drawing

After completing the horn drawing; Draw the ears on both sides of the drawing and complete the Cow Picture Drawing. You can reach all our animal drawing content on page.

Ear Drawing

Cow Coloring Page

Apart from our drawing tutorials, you can access all of our Coloring page contents that we have prepared for children via the COLORING PAGE link and you can print them out on A3 paper and color them with your coloring pencils. 😀🎨

cow coloring page

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