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Step by Step Cartoon-Looking Cat Drawing Tutorial

Before moving on to drawing a Cartoon Cat Picture, I will give you 3 interesting information about cats 😊

  • Cats are sleepy, spend 15 hours a day sleeping and are asleep for 65% of their total lifespan.
  • In ancient Egypt, harming a cat has a very severe punishment!
  • A cat’s heart beats 2 times faster than a normal human.

Cartoon Cat Drawing (Educational Video)

I had a lot of fun making this drawing. You can make this cute cartoon cat drawing by taking only 1 minute of your time. 😊 If your paper and coloring pencils are ready, let’s watch our Cat Drawing Training video and let’s draw a Cartoon Cat together!

If you like cartoon drawings like me 👉 you can easily find more drawing examples on our CARTOON DRAWING page!

Cat Drawing Tutorial for Kids

We have prepared a very good content for you. First of all, I would like you to reinforce it with examples on Cat Drawing so that you fully understand how to draw a Caricature.

how to draw cat


  1. They have a very long and thin tail.
  2. They have two small, triangular ears.
  3. A little pink nose
  4. Very agile (fast)
  5. It has four legs.
  6. There are 36 known types of cats so far. Surprisingly, there are even cats with the color White, Black, Brown, orange and even blue!

cat drawing tutorial for kids

These cute little animals from the Feline family can move like a Lion or a Tiger. Their heads are circle-like. The ears are triangular and the body part is rectangular. Their hind legs are very strong, their front legs are slightly smaller. You can try to draw the above image by drawing 4 small rectangles on the tail part of the Cartoon-Looking cat drawing.

Step by Step Cartoon Cat Drawing

step by step cartoon looking cat drawing

In this article, How to Draw a Cartoon Looking Cat Picture for Kids step by step? I tried to teach it. If you are looking for more different cat drawing content, you can find all our content about cats on our 👉 CAT DRAWING page or visit our 👉 ANIMAL DRAWINGS page for different animal drawings!

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