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How to Draw a Frog? Frog Drawing Step by Step Drawing and Coloring Page

Frogs are animals with impressive jumping abilities, loud buzzing sounds, and huge round eyes. You can often see aquatic frogs in areas such as swamps and ponds.

In this Frog Drawing training, where we make the frogs, which have more than 6,000 species around the world, more cute and explain how to draw them as cartoon characters; You can draw frogs very easily by following our step-by-step drawing guide.

Frog Drawing Step by Step

If our A4 papers and pencils are ready, you can easily draw a frog picture by following the drawing steps below. Our guide to drawing frogs in 9 easy steps:

How to Draw a Frog

  • Draw a large circle.
  • Draw 2 small circles for the frog’s eyes on the circle you have drawn,
  • For the body of the frog; Draw a smaller circle under the drawing you have made.
  • Lower 2 straight lines on the body part and draw 3 fingers on the ends.
  • For the frog’s hind legs, complete the drawing by drawing the frog’s legs on the right and left parts in the same way.

Coloring Page

In this drawing, we colored the frog with green color, the body part with yellow color and its eyes with black coloring pencils. You can print the Frog Coloring Page in the center on A4 paper and start painting it directly. You can easily access all of our Coloring Page content from the COLORING PAGE link.

frog coloring page for kids

In this content, we shared our Frog Drawing Guide with you. For those who want to Draw Frog Picture in an easy way, you can both learn how to draw a frog with our step-by-step drawing guide and download the coloring page to organize a coloring activity for children. You can visit our ANIMAL DRAWINGS page for similar drawing and coloring page content, or you can easily access our drawing content that interests you on our EASY DRAWINGS page.

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