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How to Draw a Bird Caricature?

The educational drawing we created for children who are just starting to draw cartoons; We will learn how to draw a simple Bird Caricature. Friends who are interested in drawings, you can easily access our other drawing archive from our CARTOON DRAWING page. ğŸ˜Š

Drawing and Painting Supplies

For this simple drawing, you can choose Black felt-tip pens and for coloring Red, Light Blue Watercolor, Pastel or felt-tip pens. ğŸŽ¨ğŸŽˆ

  • Charcoal for beginners   (Pencil)
  • Black Color Drawing pen after completing the drawing
  • Eraser to correct wrong drawings
  • To Color the Coloring Page:  You can choose Pastel Color €“ Watercolor  

Bird Caricature Drawing (Video)

In 5 easy steps we will make a Bird Drawing that you can simply draw. For this, you can do it with me by watching the drawing with our Youtube Training video that I created as 2 different Coloring Pages. ğŸ˜Š

Step by Step Drawing Guide

  1. Draw a round circle
  2. Draw Eye and Nose inside
  3. Draw the wings
  4. Draw the Foot
  5. Color the Bird Coloring Page

Step 1: Body Drawing

How to Draw a Bird Caricature

Draw a large circle to form the body of the bird painting drawing

Step 2: Face Drawing

How to Draw a Bird Caricature

Draw eyes and noses with simple shapes. Use the triangle form for the nose drawing.

Step 3: Wing Drawing

How to Draw a Bird Caricature

Draw 3 bird wings to give our cartoon drawing a flying drawing look.

Step 4: Foot Drawing

How to Draw a Bird Caricature

In stickman foot drawing style, draw 2 feet at the bottom of the bird picture

Step 5: Color it

How to Draw a Bird Caricature

You can color the Bird Coloring Page in the colors you want. In this drawing, we colored with our Blue and Red Colored Coloring Pens.

  • In this Drawing tutorial, we learned how to draw a bird cartoon with you. You can access our complete Cartoon Trainings by visiting our CARTOON DRAWINGS page.

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