How to Draw a Birthday Cake?

How to Draw a Birthday Cake

Hello, they love drawing! Today we will draw a birthday cake with you in an easy way, step by step.

I share drawing both easily and with our drawing training and painting video for children that I prepared for our YouTube channel Easy Easy Drawings page. Come on, let’s draw together by watching our drawing video first.

Easy Drawings İdeas

How to Draw? (Video)

For the easiest way to draw a birthday cake; I have prepared your Paper and Drawing Pens; You can draw a birthday cake very easily with the step-by-step drawing video I share with you below.

Step by step Drawing Guide

Complete the Cake Picture drawing in an easy way by following the 5 drawing steps below for someone else’s birthday and color it with your Coloring Pencils.

How to Draw?

Draw a simple tray to hold the cake.
Draw the cake in a rectangular shape on the tray.
For cake chocolate drawing; Draw a curve on the rectangle.
Draw Eyes and Mouth to give it a cute look.

How to Draw a Birthday Cake easy

Finally, you can color the drawing with Blue, Brown, Yellow and Green coloring pencils.

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