How to Draw a Christmas Dog?

With the New Year approaching, today we will draw a Christmas Dog Picture with you. Although drawing is a bit difficult, we have also prepared a Tutorial Video for beginners so that you can draw this challenging picture. Let's look at the details.

How to Draw a Christmas Dog?

As a New Year’s activity , we will draw a Cute Christmas Dog that we prepared for our step-by-step Easy Drawings for Preschoolers and Children activities. For this, first of all, let’s watch our step-by-step drawing video together.

How to Draw a Christmas Dog?

With Christmas coming, New Year Themed Dog Picture drawing. It’s easy to draw a Christmas Puppy Step by Step! What you need to do is to complete the Christmas Dog drawing with us by following the drawing steps in the video!

Step by Step Drawing Guide

You can easily make this drawing of a Christmas Dog in 6 different steps. You can draw a Christmas Puppy using the collage picture we prepared for the drawing steps below, and you can color the printable Dog Coloring Page I shared below on the page by printing it on A4 Paper.

How to Draw a Christmas Dog

  • Step 1 : Draw the Basic Lines First, draw the basic lines of the Christmas dog. To start, create a general guide using small, light lines. Determine the dog’s body structure and posture.
  • Step 2 : Draw the Head Start drawing the dog’s head in more detail. Identify your ears, eyes, nostrils and mouth. Draw considering the general form of the head and the dog’s expression.
  • Step 3 : Complete the Body Continue drawing the body of the dog. Make the dog’s overall stance more distinct by adding its tail, legs, and body details.
  • Step 4 : Add the Tail Add the dog’s tail. The tail can be Christmas themed, for example you can draw a curled or decorated tail.
  • Step 5 : Add Details Make the dog more vivid by adding details to your drawing. Enhance your dog’s character with fur details, feathers and other features.
  • Step 6 : Christmas Theme Draw a Christmas hat, collar or other Christmas decorations on the dog to add the Christmas theme. This will help your drawing reflect the Christmas atmosphere.
  • Step 7 : Shading and Lighting Give your drawing more depth by adding shading and lighting. Identify shadows by considering which direction the light is coming from.
  • Step 8 : Complete Your Drawing Finally, complete your drawing. Correct contours, review details and make corrections as necessary.

How to Draw a Dog Paw with a Christmas Hat?

How to Draw a Dog Paw with a Christmas Hat

Coloring Page

Download the Christmas Dog Coloring Page for Kids, which I prepared for the drawing, print it on A4 Paper and prepare a fun activity at home by coloring the Coloring Page with your colored pencils.

dog coloring page

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