How to Draw a Christmas SpongeBob Picture?

With the arrival of the New Year, I have prepared a drawing activity that you can do with your child in Preschool and at home. Let's take a look at the details together :)

How to Draw a Christmas SpongeBob Picture

I think it is an educational video on our YouTube page Easy Easy Drawings to learn how to draw a SpongeBob picture step by step and what colors you paint it in to make it look more beautiful 🙂

First, share the Christmas Tree SpongeBob Drawing video, and then you can access the Coloring page and online coloring activities.

How to draw Christmas SpongeBob Drawing?

Spongebob Coloring Page

Download the printable Christmas Tree SpongeBob drawing as the picture below or as the PDF file I created below; You can color it with your Yellow, Green, Brown Pastel or Felt-tip pens.

Spongebob Coloring Page

Sponge Bob Coloring Page – PDF

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