How to Draw a Doghouse?

Today in our step by step drawing training; We are sharing my Doghouse Drawing and Coloring Page content, which I think Dog Lovers will love to draw. Don't forget to watch the step by step drawing video activity I prepared for you.

How to Draw a Doghouse

If you have a dog in your home; I think your child will love this drawing! You can print the video of our step-by-step drawing tutorial and the Dog House Coloring Page at the bottom of the article on A4 – Paper and do a coloring activity with your colored coloring pencils.

How to Draw Cute Doghouse drawing

If you’ve never drawn a Doghouse before, this drawing tutorial is for you! Cute Doghouse Drawing and Coloring Page in an easy step by step way that I prepared for dog lovers.

How to Draw?

You can draw this cute doghouse picture using the collage I prepared for our step-by-step drawing guide. Come on, if your Drawing and Coloring Pencils are ready, let’s learn together how to draw the Hut!

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shape First, determine the basic shape of the doghouse. A rectangular or square foundation is usually used. Draw this foundation.

Step 2: Draw the Walls of the Shed On top of the basic drawing, add the walls of the shed. Walls can generally be rectangular or square in shape. Determine how high the walls are from the shed foundation.

Step 3: Add the Roof After drawing the walls, add the roof of the shed. Most dog kennels have a pitched roof. Create the roof by drawing two curved lines.

How to Draw a Doghouse step by step easy drawings

Step 4: Draw the Entrance Add an entrance to one side of the shed. Usually the entrance is located at the front of the hut and can often be rectangular or arc-shaped.

Step 5: Add Details If you want to add more details to your shed, you can add windows or vents. You can also enrich your drawing by drawing a base or adding details around the hut.

Step 6: Shading and Details You can add shading to add more depth to your drawing. Identify your main light source and draw shadows based on that light source. You can also add details on the drawing to highlight the wooden texture of the hut.

You can draw a simple doghouse by following these steps. You can customize and detail your drawing whenever you want.

Coloring Page

You can download and print the directly printable coloring page of the drawing we have made in PDF Format from the link below.

We colored this drawing using Black, Brown and Green coloring pencils.

doghouse coloring page

Dog House Coloring Page – PDF

Coloring Game

If you want to know which colors this drawing will look better with and want to color it from your tablet as an Online Coloring Page, you can color the drawing using the coloring game below.

Easy Drawing İdeas


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