How To Draw A Funny Cartoon Orange

In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of drawing a funny cartoon orange. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this tutorial will help you bring a playful and entertaining orange character to life on your canvas. So grab your drawing tools and let’s get started!

Materials Needed

Before we begin, make sure you have the following materials at hand:

  1. Paper or sketchbook
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Fine-tip markers or colored pencils (optional)

How To Draw? (Video)

Step by step drawing guide

easy drawings ideas, How To Draw A Funny Cartoon Orange
easy drawings ideas, How To Draw A Funny Cartoon Orange

Step 1: Sketching the Basic Shape

Start by drawing a large circle in the center of your paper. This circle will serve as the main body of our cartoon orange character. Don’t worry about making it perfect; a slightly uneven shape will add to the cartoonish charm.

Step 2: Adding Facial Features

Now, let’s give our orange some personality by adding facial features. Draw two large, round eyes near the top of the circle, leaving some space between them. Add a smaller oval-shaped mouth just below the eyes, slightly curved upwards to create a friendly expression.

Step 3: Creating the Peel

To make our cartoon orange recognizable, we need to depict its characteristic peel. Start by drawing a wavy line around the circumference of the circle, following the shape of the orange. Make sure the line is irregular and not too symmetrical, as this will make it look more amusing.

Step 4: Detailing the Peel

Within the wavy line, draw a few curved lines extending from the top to the bottom of the circle, giving the impression of individual sections of the peel. Add some zigzag lines or small irregular shapes along the peel to make it more textured and comical.


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Step 5: Enhancing the Facial Features

Let’s make the eyes and mouth more expressive. Draw small, half-moon shapes within the eyes to represent pupils, slightly off-center for a playful look. Add some eyelashes above the eyes for a cute touch. To make the mouth more animated, draw a few curved lines at the edges to indicate a smiling effect.

Step 6: Color and Final Touches

To bring your cartoon orange to life, use bright orange shades to color the body. Feel free to experiment with different shades and textures for the peel. You can also add some shading or highlights to the eyes and mouth to add depth. Once you’re satisfied with the colors, let the drawing dry, and erase any stray pencil lines.


Congratulations! You have successfully drawn a funny cartoon orange. We hope this step-by-step tutorial has helped you unleash your creativity and create an amusing character. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to try drawing different expressions or variations of the cartoon orange. Have fun and keep exploring your artistic abilities!

Coloring Page

Cartoon Orange – Coloring Page for Kids

cartoon orange coloring page for kids

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