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How to Draw a Heart

Our heart is an organ that works non-stop until we die. To draw a heart, you do not need to make a lot of effort! You can draw a Cute Heart Picture very easily by following the drawing steps that I have shared with you below.

After sharing the necessary drawing pens and coloring page as a priority for Heart Picture Drawing, we can move on to our step-by-step drawing guide together. Let’s take a look at the Art Drawing Pens we use and the Coloring Pens we use for Coloring.

Drawing and Coloring Pencils

  • For starters Pencil (Pencil)
  • Black Color Drawing pen after completing the drawing
  • Eraser to correct wrong drawings
  • To Color the Coloring Page: You can choose Pastel Color €“ Watercolor..

Heart Picture Drawing Step by Step

Heart Picture drawing We have prepared for Kids, Beginners and Adults; You can complete drawing a Heart Picture with a Cute and Smiling Face in just 5 easy steps. You can also access all of our similar content on our EASY DRAWINGS page.

kalp resmi çizimi

Step 1: Outline

First, by drawing two curves in the form of symmetry; We outline the shape of the heart.

heart drawing step by step 1

Step 2: Complete the Heart Drawing

Complete the heart shape drawing by connecting the lower parts of the shape we drew with the curves.

easy heart drawing

Step 3: Draw the face

To give a cute look, we continue the heart drawing by drawing Eyes, Eyebrows and a tiny mouth inside the heart.

cute heart drawing

Step 4: Draw face details

Next, we paint the inside of the pupils in black and draw the details of the mouth and complete our Cute Heart Picture drawing.

heart drawing

Step 5: Complete the Heart Picture Drawing

In our last drawing step, we add a cute look by hand drawing the lower part of the heart picture we have drawn. Drawing is pretty easy. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step drawing guide. ğŸ˜ŠğŸŽ¨

heart picture drawing easy

We made a HEART DRAWING step by step in this Drawing Training content we have created for beginners, for children and adults . You can find all of our similar content on our EASY DRAWINGS page. ğŸ˜Š

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