How to Draw a Kawaii Dog?

Kawaii is a word that means cute and sweet in Japanese and has become a term in the Created Anime industry. In this article, we will learn how to draw Kawaii Dog Picture step by step.

how to draw kawaii dog

Kawaii dog drawing is a fun art application full of cute and sweet details. Here I have prepared a video that you can watch to learn how to draw a Kawaii dog picture step by step. Easy Drawings Let’s watch the Youtube video we prepared for our guide!

How to draw Kawaii Dog? (Video)

How to Draw a Dog? Dog drawing and Coloring Page the easy way with step by step Drawing guide. Easy Kawaii Drawing Ideas

How to Draw?

how to draw dog, step by step, easy drawings

  • Step 1: Getting Started Before you start drawing a kawaii dog, prepare a canvas suitable for the paper you will use or your digital drawing tool. You can use a pencil or a light digital brush to draw the basic lines.
  • Step 2: Head and Body In the first step, determine the dog’s head and body. Draw its head big and round and its body compact and cute. In kawaii style, the head should generally be larger than the body.
  • Step 3: Face Details Draw the dog’s face and add big bright eyes to suit the kawaii style. Don’t forget to add a sparkle effect by placing small round dots inside the eyes. Then, add a tiny nose and a smiling mouth to bring out the dog’s adorable expression.
  • Step 4: Ears and Tail Draw the dog’s ears as large and triangular. In kawaii style, ears are usually located on the top of the head. Next, add the dog’s tail. The tail should generally be round and short.
  • Step 5: Details and Decorations Add details to make your kawaii dog even cuter. You can use decorations such as colorful stripes, heart-shaped polka dots or tiny flowers. You can also add different patterns and colors to determine your dog’s character.
  • Step 6: Contour and Cleanup Once the drawing is complete, thicken the lines around the dog to define the outline. Sharpen your drawing by removing excess lines if necessary.
  • As a result, your Kawaii dog drawing will be complete! Feel free to add your own style and create a cute character with this fun art craft.

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how to draw easy dog drawing


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