How to Draw a Long-Eared Dog?

I am drawing a cute puppy cartoon picture with the step-by-step drawing guide I prepared for children and beginners :)

how to draw easy dog drawing

Guys! If your paper and pencils are ready, today we will draw a Cute Dog Cartoon picture with you in an easy way and step by step. Before moving on to drawing, let’s share brief information about dogs and then watch the video I prepared for drawing training 🙂

Easy Drawings İdeas

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Brief information about dogs;

  • Their Sense of Smell Is Surprisingly Strong: Dogs’ noses are extraordinarily developed compared to humans. Many dogs can smell water molecules and even cancer cells. Therefore, their ability to track down lost items is an astounding ability.
  • There is Color Blindness, But: Dogs do not perceive colors like humans; However, the myth that they see the world in black and white is not true. Their color vision may be limited, but they are sensitive to shades of blue and yellow.
  • They Understand People’s Facial Expressions: Dogs are highly skilled at understanding people’s facial expressions. They can sense when their owner is happy, sad or angry. This is an indication of the strong bond between dogs and humans.

How to Draw Cute Dog? (Video)

Drawing a dog picture the easy way and step by step. Dog Drawing and coloring page game for drawing beginners and children

Step by step Drawing Guide

Draw a picture of a dog in 5 easy steps; How to make this dog drawing that you can color with your Brown, Yellow and Black coloring pencils? Let’s learn together. ????

  1. Draw a round circle
  2. Draw a semicircle over your circle drawing
  3. Draw the dog’s face and ears
  4. Draw a paw on the bottom to form its feet.
  5. Finally, draw the tail; Complete the Dog Picture drawing.

dog drawing step by step

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