How to Draw a Lotus Flower?

Don't forget to watch our step-by-step drawing guide and tutorial video of Lotus Flower Drawing in the Flower category, which I prepared for beginners.

how to draw a lotus flower

The lotus flower is a beautiful flower that is an important symbol and carries many meanings, especially in Asian cultures. Lotus, whose scientific name is Nelumbo, is a type of plant that grows on water. The lotus flower is also known for its ability to grow in dirty water.

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The lotus flower means “representing beauty and goodness even in dirty environments” as it usually rises from swamps and dirty waters and blooms as a clean and beautiful flower. In Buddhism, it is especially important in its symbolic meaning for man’s path to enlightenment and pure consciousness by freeing himself from the bonds of the world. In Hindu mythology, lotus is a symbolic element of gods and goddesses.

How to draw a Lotus Flower? (Video)

How to draw lotus flower? Lotus flower drawing step by step for drawing beginners and children. Drawing flowers the easy way.

Step by Step Drawing Guide

You can follow the simple guide below to draw a lotus flower step by step. Be patient in the beginning and take time to hone your drawing skills.

lotus flower drawing

  1. Step 1: Draw Basic Contours
    Use a simple circular form to start drawing the lotus flower. This will help you create the general contour of the flower. Then, by enlarging and shaping this circle, you will create the opened petals of the flower.
  2. Step 2: Draw the Leaves
    Draw the opened petals of the lotus flower around the circle. The leaves can often be long and broad. Leaf tips may often be slightly curled or curled. The petals on the inside of the flower can often be smaller and more complex.
  3. Step 3: Add Flower Details
    Move towards the center of the flower and add the stamens (male parts) and carpels (female parts). Stamens are usually long thin rods and rise from the middle of the flower. Carpels are generally thicker and rounder.
  4. Step 4: Detail Your Drawing
    Add more detail to the flower’s petals. You can get a more realistic look by adding fine lines or patterns on the leaves. You can also further highlight the details and organs inside the flower.
  5. Step 5: Add Shading (Optional)
    You can add shading to make your drawing more realistic. Think about where the light is coming from and identify the undersides of the leaves and the shadow areas of the flower. Shading can help your drawing gain depth.

By following these steps, you can draw a lotus flower step by step. Remember that drawing skills improve with practice, so be patient and you will make improvements over time.

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