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How to Draw a Snowman: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

How to draw a snowman; Drawing a snowman is the perfect way to spend time with the kids during the month of December! Follow these six simple steps, paired with helpful illustrations, and you’ll be able to sketch out your very own snowman. how to draw a snowman for kids?


How to draw a cute snowman (Video)

how to draw a snowman is an easy tutorial, with step by step drawing instructions how to draw a snowman, characters and other Christmas related stuff. With this tutorial you can learn how to draw a cute snowman or Santa Claus. The best thing is this works great for all skill levels. No need to be an artist. And all the directions are simple step by step drawings which makes it easy for anyone to follow along!

Snowman Drawing (Step by Step)

Here is my attempt to show you “how to draw” a snowman step by step. This has been in the making for quite some time and I’m very excited that it’s finally done – so let’s get started.

how to draw a cute snowman

Step 1: Draw a round circle

Draw the facial features of the Snowman. You can do this by drawing a simple circle.

snowman drawing step 1 face

Step 2: Draw a nose with a triangle

Draw the snowman nose with a pointed triangle and then draw the eyes and mouth

snowman drawing step 2 face

Step 3: Draw Hat with Rectangle

snowman drawing step 3 capped

Step 4: Draw a large and large circle

snowman drawing step 4

Step 5: Draw the scarf

snowman drawing step 5

Snowman Coloring (download)

Snowman CSnowman Coloring page for kidsoloring page for kids

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