Drawing a Bird for Kindergarten

Step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a Small and Cute Bird in just four easy steps for Kindergarten students

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a small bird for Kindergarten. Many beginner artists enjoy creating simple drawings using basic shapes, and you can try drawing a bird with us in this tutorial.

In the provided drawing example, you can see a cartoon character bird drawing. I’m sure you have seen a bird drawing like this in the cartoons you’ve watched before. We started by connecting a large curve for the head, and then you can complete the cute and cartoon-like bird drawing by adding the eyes and wings.

Our drawing tutorial is designed to be easy and suitable for children in Kindergarten. If you are looking for a slightly more challenging bird drawing for 1st or 2nd-grade boys or girls, you can visit our other bird drawing tutorials that I have shared below.

How to Draw a Bird?

Bird Drawings

Step-by-Step Drawing Guide

Try to memorize the sequence of drawing steps and then follow the step-by-step drawing guide to complete this adorable bird drawing.

If you want to draw a different bird, you can draw the bird’s body in a different shape in Step 1 and color it with different coloring pencils. Don’t hesitate to try this and enhance your imagination. I hope this drawing lesson helps you develop your creativity.


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