How to Draw Apple iPhone?

How to Draw an Apple iPhone Picture? Our step-by-step drawing guide, Tutorial video and Coloring Page content.

If you are wondering what to draw today, we will draw a Kawaii Apple iPhone looking phone picture that I prepared for you. In this article, you can access the training video we have prepared for Apple iPhone drawing, the step-by-step drawing guide and finally the Apple iPhone Coloring Page content for free.

Kawaii Apple iPhone Drawing (Video)

How about making this easy phone drawing with me by watching the drawing tutorial we published on our YouTube channel so that you can draw in the easiest way? Let’s watch our video

How to Draw?

To draw an iPhone phone cover, you need to follow the following steps and the drawing steps by looking at the collage drawing picture;

  1. Determine the outline of the phone by drawing a rectangle
  2. Draw the Camera location at the top of the rectangle. Draw the on/off buttons on the Right and Left parts.
  3. Draw 5 small circles inside the camera area.
  4. Draw kawaii eyes by drawing two large circles in the middle of the rectangle.
  5. Draw a cute mouth on the bottom of the eye drawing and the Apple Logo on the top.
  6. Finally, complete the Apple iPhone Picture drawing by coloring it with your Coloring Pencils.

How to Draw Apple iPhone

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