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How to Draw Easy Landscape Painting?

Learn how to draw Landscape Painting in the simplest way and make yourself a coloring page! 😊🖌

I am sharing with you another drawing guide I created for beginners in landscape drawing.

First of all, I want to say that this drawing is quite easy. If you are looking for more difficult drawings than the drawing I shared with you below , How to Draw with Charcoal in the Charcoal Drawings category . You can visit my article. 😀

pencil drawing landscape

A Beginner’s Guide To Drawing Landscapes

I share with you my Landscapes Drawing drawing video that I shared on 15 Second Drawing , our Youtube Video page, where our drawing content for children is included  . A 15 second accelerated drawing training video;

Landscape Drawing

I preferred to draw the landscape in a circular circle drawing. I share with you the step-by-step Easy Landscape Painting drawing steps and PDF image. You can find all similar drawings on our EASY DRAWINGS page. 😊

  1. Draw a round circle.
  2. Draw a line from the midpoint of the circle and draw straight lines of different lengths to represent the sea waves.
  3. For mountain drawing, draw mountains in 3 gene forms and in different sizes.
  4. Sketch the snow for the foothills and the clouds for the sky.
  5. Then draw the Sun as the top of the mountain drawing .
  6. Complete the Landscape Painting Drawing by coloring the Coloring Page we created with your Blue, Light blue, Gray and Yellow coloring pencils. 😀

landscape painting easy

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