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How to draw HELLO KİTTY in 15 seconds?

How to draw HELLO KİTTY in 15 seconds? – Learn to draw Hello Kitty in the fastest and easiest way, she is a super-cute character, one of the most beloved cartoon character in Japan 👉 HELLO KİTTY DRAWİNG

Hello Kitty Drawing (Video)

First, draw a large circle for the head.

Then draw two smaller circles for the ears. Draw a straight line from each ear to the top of the head. Draw another line from each ear to the bottom of the head.

Next, draw Hello Kitty’s face by drawing a horizontal oval for the nose and two small vertical ovals for eyes. Add eyelashes on top of each eye. Then draw a small horizontal oval above her mouth and add a small upside-down triangle below it to make the mouth. Add two small rectangles next to the mouth to make whiskers.

Now you can color in Hello Kitty’s head with a big smile and rosy cheeks!

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