A Playful Guide on How to Make Plush Panda Drawing for Kids

Unleash your child's inner artist with this comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to make a plush panda drawing. An enjoyable activity that promotes creativity and learning, perfect for kids!

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Welcome, aspiring Picassos! Let’s roll up our sleeves, dust off those drawing pencils, and get set to embark on a wild art adventure! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the charming, cuddly world of pandas. But we’re not just drawing any ordinary pandas – we’re bringing to life plush, huggable, as-cute-as-a-button panda drawings that you can almost reach out and squeeze! So, if you’re keen on learning how to make a plush panda drawing for kids, buckle up, because we’re about to go full steam ahead!

How to draw? (Video)

The Appeal of the Adorable Panda

Pandas are a favorite among kids, and for good reason. With their chubby cheeks, big round eyes, and huggable bodies, it’s no surprise that they’ve stolen the hearts of many. Their monochrome color scheme adds a unique touch, making the drawing process a cinch even for beginners. But it’s not just their appearance that captivates us; these gentle giants are known for their playful nature and clumsy antics, which brings an extra layer of cuteness that’s hard to resist.

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The Journey Towards Creating a Plush Panda Masterpiece

You’re probably wondering, “How to make a plush panda drawing for kids?” Well, we’ve got you covered. This journey is divided into bite-sized chunks, making it a piece of cake for our young artists to follow along. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Coloring Page (Printable)

panda coloring page

Step 1: Set Up Your Canvas

Before we start throwing shapes, let’s get our workspace ready:

  1. Gather all your drawing materials – pencils, erasers, paper, and coloring materials.
  2. Find a comfortable place to sit with good lighting.
  3. Prepare your favorite snack – drawing pandas can make you peckish!

Step 2: Start with the Basics

Every panda has its own unique charm. When you’re ready to begin, remember this golden rule – there’s no right or wrong. All you need is a pinch of creativity and a sprinkle of fun!

The Panda’s Face

Start with a circle for the face. Add two large circles for the eyes, smaller circles for the pupils, and don’t forget the tiny white glimmers to make the eyes shine! Now, for the nose, draw an upside-down triangle. A happy, curvy line will work well for the mouth.

The Panda’s Body

Draw a large oval overlapping the lower part of the face – this will be the body of your plush panda. Add four U-shaped lines for the legs.

The Panda’s Ears and Tail

Don’t forget to add semi-circles on top of the head for the ears and a small rounded stump at the back for the tail.

Step 3: Bring Your Panda to Life

The Finishing Touches

Outline the eyes, ears, and body parts where the panda’s black fur would be. Add some fluffiness to the ears and tail with small strokes.

Make It Plush!

To give your panda that plush, huggable look, add some curves around the body and a few lines to represent folds in the plush fabric.

Step 4: Color Time!

Bring out your color pencils or crayons and start coloring. Remember, pandas are black and white, but the background can be a riot of colors!

Coloring Page (Online)


  1. What age group is suitable for this activity? This guide on how to make plush panda drawing for kids is perfect for children ages 3 and up.
  2. Do we need any specific art materials? Basic drawing materials are enough. However, using different shades of grey and black color pencils could enhance your panda drawing.
  3. Can I use this guide to draw other animals? Absolutely! This guide can serve as a base for drawing other animals. Simply adjust the shapes to match the animal you’re drawing.


Whoa, look at that! You’ve successfully mastered the art of creating a plush panda drawing for kids. This journey is not just about the destination but also the ride. By engaging in this activity, your child not only learned how to make a plush panda drawing but also honed their creativity, patience, and attention to detail. So, the next time you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day or simply looking for a fun activity, remember this guide and rekindle the artistic magic. Until next time, keep those pencils dancing and the creativity flowing!

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