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How to Draw Pigeon Picture?

For Adults and Children; You can learn how to draw a realistic Pigeon Painting. Step by Step Pigeon Drawing Tutorial.

We will learn how to draw Pigeon Picture, one of the Flying Bird species, in 5 easy steps. Very easily by following our Easy Drawings tutorial; You will be able to draw the same Pigeon Picture that I shared with you above. ğŸ˜Š

When drawing a pigeon, we first start with the wing drawing and then complete it by drawing the tail, body and feet.

If your pencils for drawing and your Crayons, Watercolors or Colored Felt pens for coloring are ready, we will first draw the cow picture and then color it with our Coloring Pens. ğŸ˜Š

Pigeon Picture Drawing is a challenging drawing compared to other easy drawings. You don’t have to be afraid! If you also like bird drawing, I think you will be interested in other drawing tutorials.

Step 1: Wing Drawing

While drawing the pigeon wing; Make a drawing in the form of a water drop. By making S-shaped drawings into the wings you have drawn; Make a drawing of bird feathers.

Wing Drawing 2

Step 2: Wing Drawing

Before drawing the neck part; We determine the points of the head by drawing a line over the wings.

Wing Drawing

Step 3: Pigeon Tail Drawing

Starting from the end point of the wing drawing, we draw the Pigeon Tail.

Pigeon Tail Drawing

Step 4: Foot Drawing

The most difficult part of Pigeon Drawing is drawing the feet. By drawing a line at the bottom of the drawing, we form the body of the foot part. Then complete the foot drawing by drawing the paws just below the torso.

pigeon foot drawing

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Step 5: Pigeon Drawing

Lastly, we draw the head part in the Pigeon Drawing step. Drawing a pointed beak, a small round eye, and a sloping head; Complete Pigeon Picture Drawing.

Pigeon Drawing

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Pigeon Coloring Page

Pigeon Coloring Page

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