How to draw Potion Bottles?

Hello art friends! Today we will share with you "How to Draw a Potion Bottle?" I will share with you the step-by-step drawing video and coloring page that I prepared for you to experience.

how to draw potion bottles

In the magical world of art, drawing potion bottles is a great way to express yourself, use your imagination and create a real work of art. This drawing guide will guide you step by step, allowing you to enjoy adding a magic touch to your paper.

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Easy Drawing Ideas

How to Draw (Video)

You can draw potions with me with the training video we prepared for our Youtube Channel Easy Easy Drawings page.

After completing the drawing and creating the Coloring Page, do not forget to color the drawing we made with Green – Yellow – Orange colors.

Step by Step Drawing Guide

Let’s take a look at how to draw a potion bottle step by step through the easy method I prepared for drawing a potion bottle in 5 Easy Steps.

  1. Making a drawing of the outline of the bottle
  2. At the bottom of the bottle to give the appearance of potion, that is, water; draw the puddle
  3. Draw the cap part of the bottle
  4. To express that we have closed the bottle completely, make a vertical drawing in step 4 and
  5. Finally, complete the drawing of the Potion Bottle by threading the rope into the bottle.

How to draw Potion Bottles easy drawings

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