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How to Draw Teddy Bear?

We have created a Teddy Bear drawing guide for children in this step-by-step drawing training content that we have prepared for those who are new to drawing and for Cartoon lovers. With this simple and instructive content, you will learn how to draw a teddy bear very easily.

While drawing a teddy bear, we will create my drawing by using round circles. Even if you have no drawing experience before, in our step-by-step guide to teddy bear drawing, we will easily draw the teddy bear picture that I shared with you above, and then color it together with our coloring pencils. 😊

If your paper and coloring pencils are ready, let’s start drawing!

Teddy Bear Drawing

You can draw a realistic cartoon character teddy bear by following our 6 easy steps guide for drawing teddy bear.

Step €“ 1 : Draw the head

teddy bear drawing head with circle

First, draw the head of the Teddy Bear by drawing a circle on the large bidet, and then draw the ears with two small circles on the circle.

Step €“ 2 : Make the Body Drawing

teddy bear drawing arm and body drawing

Under the head, draw the body by drawing a large circle and hand draw a rectangle on both sides.

Step €“ 3 : Draw the foot

teddy bear drawing

At the bottom of the drawing, draw the feet for the drawing of two round circles.

Step €“ 4 : Make the detail drawings

teddy bear drawing

Give an oval hand appearance by editing the drawing we have made.

Step €“ 5 : Draw Nose and Eyes

teddy bear drawing

Make the Bear Mouth and Ear drawings for facial details.

Step €“ 6 : Draw the teddy hand and foot details

teddy bear drawing step by step

Finally, enter the paw and foot details of our Teddy Bear and complete the drawing of the Cartoon Character Teddy Bear Picture.

Step €“ 7 : Colorize with your Coloring Pencils

teddy bear drawing

In this drawing, we colored using our Brown and Gray coloring pencils. You can also color the coloring page using similar colors.

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