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How to Draw Ladybug?

In our drawing tutorial today we will learn how to draw a cute Ladybug. 😊 You will be able to draw a picture of 🐞 Ladybugs with a red costume and black polka dots in 5 Steps.

Uğur Böcekleri hakkında kısa bilgiler

  • Ladybugs may be small, but they are incredibly cute animals.
  • They are in the same family as garden beetles, so they can fly. œˆ
  • They feed on insects (Lice, Flies) smaller than themselves.
  • Ladybugs, which have more than 5,000 varieties, generally live in fields such as Fields and Gardens.

A few drawing tips on how to draw a Ladybug Picture ;

  1. He will have a small face and big eyes, two small antennae and a sweet smile.
  2. While drawing his body, we will draw it in the form of a half dome and add the spots on it.
  3. We will complete the drawing by dividing the dome from the middle point to show its wings.

Now we can move on to the drawing of a Cute Ladybug with you. If your drawing papers and coloring pencils are ready, let’s get started! 😀

Ladybug Drawing Step by Step

  • We start the drawing by first creating the facial features. Drinking this, we draw a large ellipse and draw the antennae at the top.

ladybug head drawing

  • We draw two big eyes and a small mouth in the area that makes up the head. Our ladybug’s cute face drawing has already been created! ğŸ˜€

ladybug eye drawing

    • Draw the body drawing in a semicircle with reference to the head.

ladybug body drawing

  • For drawing black spots on red skin; We divide the body part that we have drawn into several parts.

ladybug speckle drawing

  • Finally, we come to the end of this training lesson, which is in the ANIMAL DRAWINGS category, by drawing 4 feet at the bottom of the Ladybug Drawing . ğŸŽˆ

ladybug foot drawing

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