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How to Draw a Budgie?

Birds are some of the animals with the most species you can find in nature. I shared with you a step-by-step drawing guide of 5 different types of birds before. In this article, we will learn step by step how to draw a realistic Budgie in the easiest way. ğŸ˜Š

Budgie Drawing

I am sharing with you the collage work I prepared for those who want to learn how to draw a Budgie quickly. You can complete this drawing in 5 easy steps and you can learn the drawing steps in a much more detailed and easy way from our Step by Step Drawing Guide below. ğŸŽ¨

budgie drawing

You can visit our BIRD DRAWINGS page for all of our similar bird drawings .

Brief information about birds

  • There are more than 10,000 bird species in the world.
  • All female birds produce eggs! Birds that lay eggs for reproduction break the shells of the young inside the egg and come out of the egg.
  • Birds are nomads! Almost all birds migrate to other countries and cities according to the seasons.
  • Birds don’t have teeth
  • If you look at the air and see birds flying in groups, they are called “bird flock”.
  • All birds have feathers.

Step by Step Parakeet Drawing

As the first step to bird drawing, we draw the head and determine a starting point. Then, step by step and very easily, we complete the drawing of the Budgerigar by completing the eye drawing, the feathered wing drawing, the tail drawing and the foot details.

You can also download the printable Coloring Page at the bottom of the article and color your coloring pencils with your children. ğŸ˜ŠğŸŽ¨

Step 1: Head part drawing

budgie bass drawing

Step 2: Drawing eyes

budgie eye drawing

Step 3: Eye drawing

budgie wing drawing

Step 4: Drawing the tail

budgie tail drawing

Step 5: Foot drawing

budgie foot drawing

Budgie Coloring Page

We learned how to draw a Budgerigar in our Easy Drawing Guide for Kids . If you are looking for a Coloring page, you can download the following drawing and print it on A3 paper and make a Bird Coloring Page activity. ğŸ˜Š

budgie coloring page

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