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Pencil Drawing Eyes

I love to draw and one of the hardest things for me has been drawing facial features like eyes. In this article, I have prepared an educational content on how to draw an eye picture step by step with pencil drawing. There are very simple steps, but it takes a few tries before you can draw correctly.

Required Drawing Materials

  1. Two kinds of pens. HB light pencil and a darker pencil
  2. A flat drawing table on which you can draw
  3. A white A4 paper and a soft eraser to erase false drawings

Step 1: Draw a circle

The basic shape of an eye is Geometric Shapes called circle or oval. The basic shape of an eye is Geometric Shapes called circle or oval. In our previous training content, you can find examples of 3D GEOMETRIC SHAPES that you can practice for this drawing.

eye circle drawing

Step 2: Draw Pupils

In the shape of a round inside the oval we have drawn; Draw the eye and pupil by drawing two nested drawings.

charcoal eye doll drawing

Step 3: Draw the Eyelid

After creating the eye lines, draw the eyelid with a curve as a single line on the upper part, respectively.

charcoal eyelid drawing

Step 4: Draw Eyelashes

While drawing with charcoal, it is very important to draw in detail and shading. For this, we draw eyelashes on the lower and upper eyelids as a detail drawing on the eye drawing we have made.

charcoal eye eyelash drawing

Step 5: Sharpen Your Drawing

When we started drawing, we continued with a soft (faint) drawing. Because we can make mistakes while drawing or we want to erase the points we do not like more easily in the drawing we have made. We can also call this a kind of SKETCH STUDY.

By sharpening the eye drawing that we have drawn as a Drawing Sharpening sketch, we go over the drawing with a darker pencil.

charcoal eye how draw

Step 6: Shade

Shading is one of the most fun steps in drawing with charcoal.

In order for the picture we have drawn to gain a more realistic appearance, we are shading the eyeballs, eyelashes and eyelid parts.

pencil drawing eye drawing easy

Charcoal Eye Drawing (Finished)

You can give a different look by experimenting on the drawing according to your own taste.

The finished and final version of the Charcoal Eye Drawing is as follows. After painting the pupils, you can give the eye a white appearance and sharpness with an eraser.

pencil eye drawing

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