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How to Draw Cute Potatoes?

There was a tiny little girl named Sena that I loved very much. She was a sweet, sweet little girl whose cheeks could be bitten and whose hair was lovable. But Sena has turned into a huge potato by eating stuffed meatballs every day . Come and go, when she continued to eat in the same way, she went on an irreversible path and turned into a Real Potato. ğŸ˜ŠğŸ˜€

In this drawing education content we have prepared for children; You will learn how to draw a Cute Potato step by step. ğŸ¥”🍟 Also, for those who are looking for a COLORING PAGE at the bottom of the article, you can download the ready-made drawings to your computer and create a Potato Coloring Page by printing them on an A4 page. ğŸŽ¨

Potato Drawing


For the potato drawing, we first create the outline drawings by drawing an oval circle. Then we complete the hat drawing on the upper part of the drawing we have made.

  1. Circle Drawing

    We form the outline of the Potato Picture drawing by simply creating a large oval.
    step by step potato picture drawing

  2. Hat Drawing

    We complete the first step of hat drawing by drawing a rectangle on the circle drawing.
    step step potato image drawing hat

  3. Hat Detail Drawing

    We complete the Hat detail drawing at the top of the drawing.
    potato drawing how to make

  4. Face Drawing

    We draw Eyes, Cheeks and mouths to give Potato Drawing a cute look.
    cute potato drawing

  5. Bucket Drawing

    By making an easy bucket drawing on the right side of the drawing; We complete the Potato Picture Drawing. ğŸ˜Š
    potato drawing

  6. Coloring Page

    In this EASY DRAWINGS tutorial for kids, we learned how to draw a Potato Picture step by step. You can print the drawing below for Coloring Page and color it with your coloring pencils.
    potato coloring page

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