Preschool – Mother’s Day Gift Card Drawing and Painting Activity

Let's celebrate together with the content of a beautiful gift card I prepared for Mother's Day, which we will celebrate on May 12, 2024.

Mother’s Day is a day celebrated as an expression of love, respect and gratitude to mothers. It is usually celebrated on different dates around the world, but in many countries it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Mother’s Day has become a widely celebrated event to commemorate and celebrate the sacrifices and love of mothers. We will draw and paint a beautiful gift card for our mothers on this special day.

Necessary materials

  • Drawing Pad / A4 Paper
  • Black Color Drawing Pen
  • Yellow, Pink and Black color painting pen.

How to Draw? (Video)

We make a Mother’s Day Gift Card in just 7 minutes by watching the training video I published on our Youtube drawing channel Easy Drawings page.

Mother’s Day Drawing (Step by Step)

We will create the drawing content I have prepared by drawing the word “MOM”, which means MOTHER in English.

For this purpose, we will draw a beautiful Mother text drawing by bringing the Daisy Drawing and the 3D “M” letters together and present it to our mother on May 12th. If you have pencils and paper ready for drawing, let’s draw this sweet drawing together and then color it with our coloring pencils.

mother's day gift card

Coloring Page (Printable)

If you have a printer at home, you can do a coloring activity for Mother’s Day by printing the drawing I shared with you below on A4 Paper.

mother's day coloring page

Easy Drawings İdeas

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