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Shark Drawing in 6 Easy Steps

In this drawing guide for kids, we will learn how to draw a shark picture step by step. I guarantee that you can draw a shark in just 7 Easy steps. All you have to do is watch the drawing video I prepared for you first to see how I drew it, and then you can follow the 6 Easy step-by-step drawing guide that I have prepared in Easy step-by-step.

You can also download the printable Shark Coloring page at the bottom of the post; You can find how to paint the drawing very easily with Blue and Light Blue coloring pencils through our examples. If your Pen, Paper and Coloring Pens are ready, let’s start drawing!


Drawing Video

I wanted to share with you the Shark Drawing video I prepared for our ART and Line Youtube drawing and coloring page that we have established for children, in order to learn how to draw faster and more accurately. Let’s watch together.

Step by step Drawing

You can draw with me with the Easy Guide I have prepared for you to draw a Shark Cartoon character. Let’s see how I draw step by step and then you can color it by downloading the printable COLORING PAGE for those who want it.

how to draw a shark

Coloring Page

You can download the cartoon character-looking cute shark drawing to your computer as a Pdf or Picture and print it on A4 paper and paint it. Remember, try to get the same image as us by painting it with the colors in the drawing examples.

shark coloring page

In this article, I tried to explain how to make a Shark Drawing. You can reach all of our similar content we have prepared for children on our ANIMAL DRAWINGS page.

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