Step by Step Bart Simpson Drawing and Printable Coloring Page

Learn how to draw Bart Simpson step by step with our easy-to-follow guide and enjoy a printable coloring page to bring your creation to life. Perfect for all ages!

Hey there, fellow Simpsons fan! If you’ve ever wanted to bring Bart Simpson to life on paper, you’re in the right place. Drawing your favorite mischievous character from Springfield is easier than you think. And guess what? We’ve got a printable coloring page waiting for you at the end of this guide. So grab your pencils and let’s dive into the world of Bart Simpson drawing, step by step!

The Essentials: What You’ll Need

Before we get started, let’s gather our tools. Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need:

  • Pencil: A good ol’ No. 2 pencil or a mechanical one will do.
  • Eraser: For those little oops moments.
  • Paper: Any drawing paper or even a regular sheet will work.
  • Black Marker or Pen: To outline your final drawing.
  • Colored Pencils or Crayons: For the coloring fun at the end!

Step by Step Bart Simpson Drawing Guide

# Step 1: Start with the Head

Begin by drawing an oval shape for Bart’s head. Make sure it’s slightly wider at the top and narrows down a bit at the bottom. Think of it like an upside-down egg.

# Step 2: Outline the Eyes

Draw two large circles overlapping slightly in the middle of the head. These will be Bart’s iconic bug-eyed eyes. Add smaller circles inside for the pupils.

# Step 3: Add the Nose

Right between and slightly below the eyes, draw a small oval for Bart’s nose. Keep it simple and not too big.

# Step 4: Sketch the Mouth

Under the nose, draw a wide, curved line for Bart’s mouth. Add a little curve at the ends to show his cheeky smile. Don’t forget to add a small line underneath for his lower lip.

# Step 5: Create the Spiky Hair

Now, for Bart’s trademark spiky hair! Draw a series of zigzag lines starting from one side of his head to the other. Aim for about nine spikes to get it just right.

# Step 6: Draw the Ears

On each side of Bart’s head, draw a small half-circle for his ears. Inside each ear, add a tiny curve to give it some detail.

# Step 7: Outline the Body

Below Bart’s head, draw two parallel lines for his neck. Extend these lines down and slightly outward to create his torso. Don’t forget to add a horizontal line at the bottom to form his shirt.

# Step 8: Add the Arms and Hands

Draw two lines coming out from Bart’s torso for his arms. Add small circles at the ends for his hands. For his fingers, draw short lines radiating out from the circles.

# Step 9: Draw the Legs and Feet

Under Bart’s torso, draw two vertical lines for his legs. At the bottom of each leg, draw an oval for his shoes. Add a small line at the bottom of each shoe for the soles.

# Step 10: Final Touches

Go over your pencil lines with a black marker or pen to make your drawing stand out. Once the ink is dry, erase any remaining pencil marks.

Printable Coloring Page

Congratulations, you’ve just drawn Bart Simpson! Now it’s time to add some color. Below is a printable coloring page for you to bring Bart to life with vibrant colors.

bard simpson coloring page


Q: What if my drawing doesn’t look exactly like Bart Simpson?

A: Don’t sweat it! Drawing takes practice. The more you draw, the better you’ll get. Plus, your unique style is what makes your drawing special.

Q: Can I use a digital drawing tablet instead of paper?

A: Absolutely! If you’re more comfortable with digital tools, go for it. The steps remain the same.

Q: How do I make the spikes in Bart’s hair look even?

A: Count the number of spikes you want to draw and plan out their placement before you start drawing. This way, they’ll look more uniform.

Q: Any tips for coloring Bart Simpson?

A: Use bright yellow for his skin, a blue shirt, and blue shorts. Don’t forget his iconic red sneakers!


There you have it, folks! A complete guide to drawing Bart Simpson, step by step, with a fun printable coloring page to boot. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, this guide makes it easy and enjoyable to bring one of Springfield’s most beloved characters to life. So grab your pencils, follow the steps, and most importantly, have fun!

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