Step by Step Charmander Drawing and Printable Coloring Page

Discover the ultimate guide for a Step by Step Charmander Drawing and Printable Coloring Page. Perfect for artists of all ages, this comprehensive tutorial will spark your creativity and bring the beloved Pokémon to life!

So, you’ve always wanted to draw the fiery and adorable Charmander, huh? Well, you’re in luck! Whether you’re a budding artist or just looking for a fun activity to do on a rainy day, this Step by Step Charmander Drawing and Printable Coloring Page guide is just what you need. Get your pencils, markers, and imagination ready, and let’s dive into the world of Pokémon art!

Getting Started

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of drawing Charmander, let’s gather our supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencils (HB for sketching, 2B or darker for outlines)
  • Eraser
  • Markers or colored pencils (orange, yellow, blue, white, black)

Ready? Let’s jump right in!

Charmander drawing

Step 1: Basic Shapes

First things first, we’ll break down Charmander into simple shapes. This makes the drawing process easier and more manageable.

  1. Head: Draw a large oval for Charmander’s head.
  2. Body: Below the head, sketch a slightly larger oval tilted to the side for the body.
  3. Limbs: Add small circles where the arms and legs will go.
  4. Tail: Draw a long, curved line extending from the bottom of the body.

By using basic shapes, you’ll lay the groundwork for a proportional and accurate Charmander.

Step 2: Outlining Charmander

Now that we have our basic shapes, it’s time to refine the outline.

  1. Head Details: Inside the head oval, draw two large circles for eyes. Add a small curve above each eye for the eyebrows.
  2. Muzzle: Sketch a small, rounded shape at the bottom of the head for the muzzle, with two tiny nostrils.
  3. Mouth: Draw a curved line beneath the muzzle for a friendly smile.
  4. Body Outline: Refine the shape of the body, giving Charmander a smooth, sleek appearance.
  5. Arms and Legs: Sketch out the arms and legs using the circles as guides. Don’t forget the three little fingers and toes!

Step 3: Adding Details

This is where Charmander starts coming to life!

  1. Eyes: Inside the eyes, draw smaller circles for pupils and leave tiny white circles for highlights.
  2. Belly and Tail Flame: Draw a rounded shape on the belly for the lighter belly color. For the tail, sketch a small flame at the tip.
  3. Texture: Add subtle lines to indicate scales and detail around the claws and belly.

Step 4: Inking Your Drawing

Once you’re happy with your pencil sketch, it’s time to ink it.

  1. Outline: Using a fine-tipped marker or pen, go over your pencil lines. Be careful and precise.
  2. Erase: After the ink has dried, erase the pencil lines gently, leaving a clean, crisp outline of Charmander.

Step 5: Coloring Charmander

Now the fun part – adding color!

  1. Body Color: Use orange for Charmander’s body. Make sure to color evenly.
  2. Belly and Muzzle: Apply a lighter yellow or cream color for the belly and muzzle.
  3. Eyes: Fill in the eyes with blue, leaving the highlights white.
  4. Flame: Use red and yellow to create a fiery effect on the tail flame.

Printable Coloring Page

After all that hard work, you deserve a little break. How about a printable coloring page? This Step by Step Charmander Drawing and Printable Coloring Page guide comes with a bonus – a ready-to-use coloring page! Just print it out and have fun adding your own colors to Charmander.

charmander coloring page, pokemon coloring page

Tips and Tricks

Drawing can be tricky, but with these tips, you’ll improve in no time!

  • Practice: The more you draw, the better you’ll get. Don’t be discouraged if your first Charmander isn’t perfect.
  • Reference Images: Use images of Charmander from Pokémon games or shows for inspiration and accuracy.
  • Light Lines: Start with light pencil lines that are easy to erase and adjust as needed.
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