What is Teeth Whitening Procedure? How is it Applied?

Teeth whitening is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures in recent years. Having bright white and aesthetic smiles is one of the elements that increases confidence and improves quality of life.

The structural characteristics and current condition of the teeth can vary the procedure to be personalized. Therefore, it should be applied by dentists who are experts and experienced in the field.

Before starting the teeth whitening procedure, an extra barrier is created to protect the gums and soft tissues inside the mouth. After applying whitening agent to the teeth, the agents are activated using light. The procedure may vary depending on the patient’s expectations, needs, and tooth structure. After the first session, the new color of the teeth is checked by the patient, and the decision to continue is made.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage the Teeth?

Having a beautiful smile is one of everyone’s biggest dreams. The biggest secret to a beautiful smile is undoubtedly having white teeth. Thanks to the teeth whitening procedure, it is possible to have teeth in the desired whiteness. This procedure, which is divided into office-type whitening and home-type teeth whitening, is susceptible to opening the tooth color more than 2-3 shades of its own tone. It is applied using safe methods that do not pose a threat to tooth structure and dental health. Thus, it does not damage the teeth.

Who Can Get Teeth Whitening?

Since teeth whitening is an aesthetic intervention, it cannot be performed by individuals under the age of 18. In addition, it is not recommended for individuals undergoing cancer treatment, pregnant, those with defects on the tooth enamel surface, and those experiencing gum problems. Apart from these, it can be applied to anyone who wants to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

What to Pay Attention to After Teeth Whitening

After the teeth whitening procedure, it is important not to consume foods and drinks that will affect the re-coloration of the teeth. This makes it possible to benefit greatly from the effects of the whitening procedure. The following foods and drinks are recommended to be consumed after the teeth whitening procedure:

  • Bread, pasta, and rice
  • Egg white
  • White cheese
  • Low-fat milk
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Chicken meat

After teeth whitening, it is generally possible to see excessive sensitivity for 1-3 days. In this case, pain relievers can be used on the first day upon the recommendation of the dentist. Extreme cold or hot should be avoided in the first few days after the procedure.

Products such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, paste, cherries, and caramel that can affect the color of the teeth again should not be used for at least 5 days after the procedure. The use of whitening toothpaste can extend the whitening effect after the procedure. Teeth should be brushed twice a day after meals. The effect of whitening lasts longer in individuals who do not smoke and do not consume excessive tea or coffee.

Failure to follow the post-procedure instructions may result in teeth re-yellowing. In such cases, there is no harm in having another whitening procedure done.

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