How to Draw 3D Dice?

You can learn how to draw a 3D Dice Picture step by step with the drawing video and easy content I shared with you below.

how to draw dice

If you have paper and drawing pencils ready, we will draw 3D Backgammon Dice with simple steps in this Easy Drawing content. It can also be a small tattoo drawing example for friends looking for a minimal tattoo model. Come on, let’s watch our step-by-step drawing video together.

How to draw Dice?

How to draw Dice Picture? Step by step 3D Dice drawing and coloring page activity for beginners

3D Dice Drawing

To draw a dice drawing in 3D, you need to think of it as if you were drawing on a horizontal plane.

  1. Draw two horizontal lines
  2. Create a rectangle shape by connecting the lines.
  3. Draw a slight straight line down from each end of the drawing
  4. Close the ends of the last lines
  5. Add text by drawing circles within the squares you created.

how to draw dice step by step

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